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Pre-test reads heuristic education process
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1, draw lessons from the ancients to read circle, dot, delimit, approved experience. Learning for example " recall read " when, we are OK first Wu Xiaodong " the evaluation to glacial heart work " with Jiang Zilong " the conquer of the book " send a student, let a student from, go discovering in the discovery of Jiang. Use a student read and grind the become reconciled that replaces a teacher engrafts.
2, draw lessons from “ unit to explain ” goes discovering.
3, draw lessons from text annotate to discover.
4, draw lessons from think to discover with the exercise.
5, the problem that draws lessons from a teacher goes discovering.
6, the discovery that draws lessons from a classmate goes discovering.
7, draw lessons from the reference material beside the student to discover.
What should discover? I generalize have roughly: Discover word of article eye, theme for dug conception, gist. Go discovering for dug writings sequence of ideas get sentence, excessive sentence, sum up the seat of expressions, action. The meaning that is dug language accumulate emotional appeal goes discovering be an upright person the art of played philosophy and life. It is difficult to go discovering a new word to accumulate a language sentence, rhetorical sentence, celebrated dictum is epigrammatic. The sentence with complex structure, still can use reference book to discover more knowledge. This is a kind of form that “ obtains intellectual ” personally with his cerebra. Must let a student understand this truth, static next hearts come boundless and masticatory, digest. Grow quite in the text of course, time compares tight situation to fall, also can let a student grind in extracurricular prepare lessons before class read; Or more according to education target, the key of the choice is read, facilitate next purposeful discussion are summed up.

3, discuss

Common saying says “ truth heals differentiate heals bright ” , through discussing, the knowledge that the student can solve to paying no attention to is wiped 2 but knowledge has a clear understanding. Be in at the same time when compare notes with respect to certain problem or undertaking arguing, the student also fostered communication consciousness, convey ability and cooperative spirit, with one action of it may be said is much. Different style, discussion focal point is different. For instance narrative, give priority to with 6 element, namely the origin of time, place, character, incident, course, result; Argumentative writing with respect to the 3 element with argumentative writing namely argument, argument, argumentation attachs most importance to a dot; Demonstrative article should clear up method of the feature of the thing, specification. The essay puts the key in article eye sentence, the meaning is profound beautiful on sentence, beautiful expressions, rhetorical gimmick. Discuss should be from beginning to end in democratic, free, relaxed atmosphere undertake, let student speak out freely, each airs his own views. The thought that lets teachers and students gives attractive scintilla in the collision on classroom.
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