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Pre-test reads heuristic education process
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4, summary

A class comes down, learned how many thing after all, whether to finish a target, still need the thing that learns to place of a class to undertake comb and be summinged up, facilitating student has a clear understanding to what learning knowledge. The means of summary can be oral summary, also can be written summary, can be summed up by the student, also can be summed up by the teacher. The language of summary, must concise, want to capture a key. Using writing on blackboard to sum up also is a very good method, but writing on blackboard wants neat and beautiful, can want emphasized part with chromatic chalk line out sometimes. For instance " recall read " one class. I use the writing on blackboard below to undertake summing up namely.
Recall read
Content: Had read: 1, arouse affection 2, enlarge intellectual face 3, helpful to writing 4, raise moral character accomplishment. Read more; Read 10 thousand books. Read good book: Can choose compare a clue if wonderful person gives birth to affection the book with real simple character. Skill: Cut Ci bear? - - time is ordinal.

5, exercise

To consolidate learns knowledge achieves the purpose of gain new insights through reviewing old material, must arrange proper practice to the student. Practice wanting to be given priority to with the exercise after the class of course, undertake written exercise. Going up for instance " recall read " one class hour, the “ after I let a student finish a class thinks with exercise ” , I think these a few problems go first-rately. E.g. the first problem “‘ has read, read more, reading word of this nine of good book ’ is old person glacial a heart more than 80 years the personal experience that reads student limit. Around these a few words, did the author recollect those specific example? Does the author think what kind of book just is good book? ” inscribes it this to aim to help student whole hold a text, guide student manage to give the content point of the article on this foundation. The 2nd problem is to “ I feel reading is the greatest pleasure in my life forever! ” the understanding of a word. This problem wants classmates to read to should have his experience and cannot see a story only at ordinary times namely, watch the scene of bustle only. The 3rd problem is to guide students to fathom, the language that savours an article. The ground 4 problems are to guide classmates to read more in extracurricular, read good book, and calculated reads.
These a few titles want control target with respect to text of can very good the study that finish.

6, extend

The student is the future of our motherland, load the great history task that emphasizes Zhen Zhonghua male wind. We have a generation character and morals only exalted, the student with good quality gives party, give people, just not disgrace humanness division. Accordingly, extend in Chinese education indispensable. Can nod knowledge on the foundation of understanding draw inferences about other cases from one instance, that ability is the purpose that achieved study knowledge truly. Ability develops development on original basis. The teacher should extend intellectual face appropriately, foster strong interest of the student, in Chinese education, raise student Chinese accomplishment, it is very important that the language is accumulated. However of the language accumulate, relying on classroom to read education only is far insufficient, must complementary many outside reading, the student's many outside reading can accumulate rich language. We can make a student interdisciplinary learn Chinese knowledge, foster a student all sorts of quality.
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