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Chinese teachs learned 3 big error
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Chinese of middle and primary school generates the importance in long process to be agreed with extensively by educational group in middle and primary school, but what Chinese of middle and primary school teachs learned benefit is low, also be agreed with extensively by educational group. The reason goes out where, opinions vary. I think, say from phenomenal angle, gross error has at 3 o'clock.

It is accent is written light hear. Our all through the ages is advocated, chinese education should hear of read write integrated training, actual condition is to do not have how many teacher to take “ seriously to hear of " . Everybody knows, the student is in the school medium Chinese ability, use finally in life practice, and the frequency that the “ in life practice hears of to ” is used and value exceed “ to read greatly write ” . A leader, need listens attentively to the report of subordinate, need mouth hair expresses his viewpoint; An industry employer, need to listen to the requirement of clear partner, need conveys his idea to the worker; A farmer, need consults the technology of farm face to face to others, also need present and directive others. In normal life, leader it may not be a bad idea, industry employer it may not be a bad idea, farmer it may not be a bad idea, can one day does not read, a day not start writing, but cannot not listen attentively to with a day, one day does not talk. “ is read write ” really important also, but “ reads the agency that writes ” to need to pass a character, its instant sex and common sex sell at a discount greatly, and the expressive function of the mood that hears with “ ” photograph is accompanied at the same time is filtered, affected human communicating greatly.

In Chinese education, some teachers also the job that strive does a few “ to hear ” trains, there also are a few relevant requirements on teaching material, but it is mostly regard them as read method of written assist a ruler in governing a country, or like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply, or skimming over the surface, without clear purpose, without scientific method.

2 it is heavy read more write more, light science trains. “ book is read 100 times, its justice show ” oneself, “ perusal Tang poetry 300, won't recite poems also meet chant ” , it is reasonable that these views serve as life study, but the study that regards Chinese of middle and primary school as course is a mistake. How much to because they are not paid attention to after all,read, do not pay attention to after all how to be read. Will tell from course characteristic, chinese serves as a course, not only the target that it sets, also should have the content quantity that it sets and specific means, otherwise, it is not a course into its; The angle that carries out from education says, send a hope overly at outside reading it is impossible, because the student is study Chinese not just a course, even maths, English, physics, chemistry waits waiting for them to spend time. Accordingly, the Chinese inside the class trains the main way that should be Chinese education.
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