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Tall examinee wants to arrive at examination room inside formulary time
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Shift to an earlier date half hours to arrive as far as possible take an examination of a dot
The time that all of whole nation of recruit students of average 2008 college is taken an examination of and all of complete province of ” of action of sheet of “ high post takes an examination of is already affirmatory. Province wise move does special remind examinee to want punctual into examination room, always be late more than 15 minutes, uniform do not get exam entering the arena; Hand in an examination paper comes on the stage time must not antedate before every division exam ends 30 minutes. In the meantime, examination room is forbidden invigilate personnel and examinee will be mobile phone, small the communication tool such as well-informed, pager takes examination room cordon inside.

Examination room of the university entrance exam will undertake centralized signal management: Two short sound are when examinee enters examination room, leave to take an examination of and take an exam cease is a long sound, broadcast and the signal that ding photograph combines will be used when distributing examination paper. To go to the lavatory parent knowledge writes down examinee to common this year the university entrance exam enters the arena and exeunt time, our newspaper reporter makes a piece of subordinate list especially, consult for examinee parent (see) issueing a watch.

Put apart time checks handwriting

From the point of regulation of examination room of the university entrance exam, every take an examination of room arrangement 25 examinee, examinee is leaving before taking an examination of 20 minutes (Chinese and English division are leaving before taking an examination of 30 minutes) enter, to check handwriting and the time that affirm examinee identity put apart is abundant. Accordingly, personnel of examinee autograph, invigilate checks handwriting won't affect the examination time of examinee, but also should remind examinee, examination room must arrive inside formulary time.

As we have learned, regulation of the university entrance exam is late examinee must not enter “ of the university entrance exam to take an examination of bit of ” , this action makes the management that take an examination of Wu more normative and strict. According to the regulation, chinese of the first division and last division foreign language take an exam, examinee must shift to an earlier date 30 minutes to enter the arena, the others course shifts to an earlier date 20 minutes to enter the arena. so because Chinese of the first division opens the education before before taking an examination of, wanting to undertake taking an examination of,arrangement is; And the foreign language division 8 days afternoon should undertake audition checks.

Foreign language division is sure to shift to an earlier date half hours to enter the arena

Have every year so a few students are when exam of last division foreign language, because of misremembered time and cannot enter. The foreign language takes an exam that day, set 14: 30 organizations examinee enters, 14: 45 prohibit be late examinee enters, begin to distribute answering question card. 14: 50 invigilate teacher in public bag of examination paper of open the envelop and try listen (both synchronism undertakes) , “ appears to try in waiting for broadcast sound come here when ending ” , try listen to an end. 14: 55 begin to distribute examination paper, audition takes an exam at 15: 00 begin formally, broadcast formal exam content; When audition part ends, will “ audition part comes here the clew language that ends ” broadcasts, examinee can begin to do the examination questions of other part.
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