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Chinese teachs learned 3 big error
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In Chinese education, many pedagogic classroom targets are ambiguous, although be in,education target was shown when attend class, after all whether is the target reached, cannot detect almost, a class or flatly light, or lively, the student acquired those things after all, the student says not to come out, the teacher also does not know for certain.

3 it is style of light application of heavy literature work. Literature is the art of the language, the study that takes literary work seriously is necessary. But, it is more important to still have, more practical writing body need to learn. The student needs to understand product specification to the enterprise, need compose product explains; The student needs to understand a file to mechanism, need compose file; The student encountered legal problem, need understands an indictment, need compose indictment. Still have, the student needs to read experience material, write experience material, need reads a short message, need writes a short message, need to read memorial even, need writes memorial. In material life, the student need not read literary work, do not write civil writing to taste, but you had be toed read, do not write this kind of practical writing, because they are the one part of the life.

In Chinese education, many teachers like to tell literary work, be good at telling literary work, but do not like to tell also not be good at telling practical writing. We are in those who hear in a lot of demonstrative classes, open class is literary work mostly, a lot of renown teachers are with told literary work to have fame. Literary work by excessive take seriously, as a result teachs learned main body at becoming Chinese.

Where does the fountainhead of error come from? It is we still do not have those who build a science till now, normative Chinese discipline system, chinese education lies all the time optional, blind condition. The 2 teaching material that are us are remained the content with anthology or stylistic as written masterstroke, not according to listen, say, read, written technology asks to write, work of the literature in teaching material slants much. 3 it is content of the university entrance exam oriented mistake, did not buckle the check of the language closely, “ hears ” ability is ignored, made category article get high component in great quantities, without the practical writing that how many person goes be in really realistically.

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