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Liang Jie
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Middle school Chinese is fancy teacher, the member that research of task of scientific research of stress of scientific research of 95 ” education comprises 85 ”“ holds the post of 75 ”“ of national “ Chinese group assistant group leader, graduate student of Master of capital Normal University class adviser, beijing government engage by special arrangement teachs the member that superintend and director guides. Ever published teach scientific research paper many 60, win first prize of paper of countrywide Chinese education for many times, it is Beijing “ introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Chu Na gainer of ” of award of outstanding education achievement. Chief editor and share the work such as written language, literature, aesthetic, religion, pedagogic, psychology more than 30. From teach 33 years, working diligence, pursue one's studies is rigorous, devote into actively reform practice at Chinese education. Its education pays attention to a purpose bright, design essence, knowledge new, density fast, atmosphere mixes big, rhythm, the effect is good, form the education characteristic of its “ honour path, become enamoured, do sth in the proper way, effective ” .

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