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Wei Wei
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Wei Wei
Wei Wei: Teacher of English of Sun Wenying elementary school of peaceful wave city, sea dawn area teacher of backbone of the 4th batch of course. Be graduated from major of English of university of university of central broadcasting television, Beijing foreign language, undergraduate course record of formal schooling.
Attended take a refresher course of institute of TAFF of Sydney of Australian NSW north in September at coming in August 2007.
Work all the time the forefront in English education. Education basic training is sound, acute meaning enterprising, be brave in to innovate. Have intense ego to challenge consciousness and enterprising spirit. Devote oneself to reform of education of classroom of elementary school English, devote into actively reform a progress at new course. Serious, solid the research that begins classroom education mode and classroom education method and exploration, already formed oneself education style stage by stage.
Ceng Rong obtains Zhejiang to save 2004 first prize of match of skill of education of teacher of elementary school English,
First prize of match of basic training of teacher of English of elementary school of peaceful wave city,
Zhejiang is saved 2006 award of third class of match of calligraphy of English of teacher of elementary school English.
Assume open class to reveal the task for many times, ceng Yuan is gone to act according to change, and other places of logical sequence of more than Yao, north makes education reveal, directive. Begin education research actively, the paper of place compose has the honor to win various and of all kinds award for many times, many paper and education design are published on the magazine.

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