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Why to always learn bad English?
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8, the word that why is familiar with cannot be blurted out however?

RE: Sail Meng of  of Ni of Lin bank spring blocks е of Chen Tao of  of Qian of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome of  of T of the Song that conceive Zhui to call out wingceltis moth?ldquo; to translate ” English than this, and did not teach everybody to explain English. Be like: Good what meaning, your answer is “ good ” . Because everybody had been used to an interpreter, think of Chinese meaning above all, chinese says in preexistence heart every time, translate into English again when exit. When the foreigner learns English, never translate into Chinese. Remind you to practice more, press performance principle, use directly mood, affection, eyes, expression, movement, mood, tonetic wait for the habit that trains everybody to form thinking of direct use English quickly, forget Chinese, cast off “ to translate the endless, awakward process of ” , ability is blurted out quickly.

9, why dare say English?

RE: Frank glare hopes illicit of meat and fish dishes of cowardly of cheek of  of a jade tablet of  of Γ of planning Tan of be good at ⒖ of  of Sou of ⒂ of   Sou ancienting name for a water catltrop melt the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome of  of  of plaque of Jian mother  pulls ⒛ of Chen Shu of dry up Shi assorted of Piao of Mang of harmonious of dust suddenly of pray of Huan Yi of dust  of  heir Pi farsighted, want to respect the parent, teacher, education that leads ” , teach us how to build self-confidence from nobody however, the result always feels he is poorer than others, seeing a foreigner more feel in the inferior to others on temperamental, imposing manner, spoken English, when talking of course, meet nervous. And the expression of nervous psychology, become rigid, Mu Ne how can smooth communication? Want to master self-confident skill, have healthy mentality, build equal, free and easy, lofty character to pledge compatibly highly figure, the psychological quality that dares to communicate, the countenance that communicates easily.

10, is spoken English says well who teachs come out?

RE: Is Peng branny ⑽ of kind of  of  of  of discharge  Gou does M of buffalo gnat of blain of bits of street of mace of sauce you  bite is astounded of Zou of  of Yue Yong of planning Strontium of  ⒂ Kun  does archives of  of difficult  of ┑ of suddenly of blown away by wind of sword brightness pay flinch ⒂ Mo changes caving  to chant  virtuous badger accept?

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