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Why to always learn bad English?
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4, why individual news resembles a foreigner, be in repeatedly with respect to unlike?

RE: Vulgar of stew of ⒖ of  of bone of agitate of mace of  of Zheng of rotten ⒂ of old man of bud of the instruct before  Lao does plaque  pull ton boil in water for a while of  of Xin of  arc W returns tip of Li of mystery of neon A Chinese-style unlined garment to delay  of Li of  of  of  of  of coal of ⒂ Sou archives to seek field sunlight setose thiste basketry and miscellaneous ⒂ , ability “ is not ” foreigner. Numerous not the standard, sound that does not reach the designated position is in repeatedly quickly when be being read together, expose a mistake to come: More and more unlike foreigner. Control the rhythm of word, sentence, rate: Learn the tone that links this, the word that should link is being read together repeatedly, and this disconnecting sound, this disconnecting word idle skill.

5, what how master a word is tonetic?

RE: Go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married of Cao of show off of Cao of left-eyed flounder of father of bits of hand of ゴ of teach of  of sole of  of ゴ real pay knocks at exuviate  archives to seek Xi  6  moth is wild 8 mothers of  of wide release of  of sole of  of real pay of ゴ of the mace that delay ⒂ acute of coquettish of Orry of 簊 of scar of bank of  of  of an ancient drinking vessel of party of carve  Liang, the garment house that Good Evening rouses is peaceful, my Name? Buy inside (2) wood. Besides speech and Chinese sound promiscuous, return 5 of phonic attune and China tonetic and promiscuous moves. Chinese has 5 tonetic: (like the home) , 2 (if place) , 3 (like the holiday) , the four tones of classical Chinese phonetics (like sow) reach unstressed syllable pronounced without its original pitch (the) that be like, look from musical angle, want the height with due respecting, and everybody is not engaged in broadcasting, tonetic to these 4 control cannot get, move with English sound more inseparable.

6, how to master accent, weak read?

RE: The “ in two words gives birth to clear ” of ”“ of Duo discharge  Mr?ldquo; white ” of ” and “ should be read some more infirmly, english also has heavy, weak change. When everybody says English, say to be weighed like Chinese like southern friend do not divide gently, very curt, big housekeeping money breathes scientificly and phonate, master what sound, what word to want accent, what sound, what word wants to be read infirmly; Weigh what feeling, feel to what infirmly. Final from go up at all the does not divide gently again curt phenomenon when casting off everybody to say English, master make a statement downy, fluent, emphatic, rise and fall trenchant skill.

7, the rich dialect that how models a sentence?

RE: 蛹际跣陨峡矗祷巴瑁际且帐跹Э频闹都记桑加梢艚住⑿伞⒔谧唷⑶咳醯缺浠钩伞4丛煊锏骶褪窃谧髑5嗽笠宰约核媸笨梢源醋饔琶佬傻淖髑椤⒓记桑醋髑恚檀蠹掖丛旆岣挥锏骷记桑皇潜孔镜啬7绿虻サ纳⒔档鳌4右帐跣陨峡矗祷巴硌荩际且帐踝髌罚美幢泶锶说姆岣凰枷搿⑶楦小0幢硌菰恚檀蠹曳治觥⒀菀锖捅泶镆帐踝髌氛媸登楦校佣匀徊岣挥锏骷记桑皇强垦7吕鲜Φ挠锏鳌9パ皇窍勰嚼鲜Α⒗贤猓茨7虏簧侠础?
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