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Kongfu suffers from brigade to have fine day in hill of the book outside taking
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Rise relevant content series connection additionally across is reviewed is good idea. For instance: Discover the agriculture that does not remember Tang Chao is accomplished, turn over a book rapidly, at the same time first problem concentration rises related the Qin Dynasty, Qin Han, the Five Dynasties, Song Liao, bright Qing Dynasty and agriculture review. And best a more delicate thing is fore-and-aft join, for instance cotton: Two Chinese the cotton cloth when the Changjiang Delta when stylish border begins to cultivate —— Northen Song Dynasty pushs the Southern Song Dynasty of —— of Xiang Jiang north becomes —— of main dress material bright Qing Dynasty from time to tome special section produces cotton.

Kongfu returns the   outside be being taken an examination of

Besides the achievement of the report on examination paper, I feel integrated quality of the individual is very important also. Everybody should foster his courage, the courage that talks before a lot of people especially, I consider as a truth oneself, it is words from heart. When you attended a college, had waited for you to was fostered slowly without time, that accession, the classmate that is the same as the dormitory probably only knows you, this is not a very wonderful thing absolutely.

Actually, when very simple —— attends class, the courage that should exercise oneself makes a speech more, especially English class, if you face familiar classmate to dare not talk now, that is afraid in the university …… actually, you need not fear you can leave the impression of ” of “ good performance to the person too. Think so namely before me, should is somebody still in be killed by its? After waiting for you to leave a middle school, can discover ” of “ good performance is a kind of fortune unexpectedly, a kind of advantage. Of course, whats have to spend, modest meeting makes your good intentions, this cannot is short of likewise.

The major that I learn is industrial and commercial management, in this domain it is “ only mathematical talking, only English talks ” . To maths, in come here previously, it is important that I do not know it is met to this degree. I am a liberal art is born, so I give all the time learn bad maths to seek ground, but excuse is excuse after all, anyhow, economics needs mathematical model, especially finance. The fellow students that so I consider to want walk into economic bound very much in the future to those (especially liberal art is unripe) say: Ten million should learn maths, learn the word of superabundant force, do not give birth to oneself when liberal art, go seeing the textbook of science department, teach oneself.

Emphasize English again finally, believe very clear English has the people of the whole country how important, absolutely and right. I believe to also have certainly among you and English comes from to teach a level like me is not very the area that develop, everybody's spoken language also may remain to rise, this just is the most important one part in English. The likelihood has homecoming to say, my English pronunciation forbids, even my teacher reads aloud so that forbid, difference of my spoken language is should. But, enter a college when you, after entering a society, the classmate that learn together and competes is having completely different English level however. At that time, nobody can pay close attention to a reason, everybody can see present result only. Be in to stand with others so same on the scratch line, you may need to spend a lot of extra effort, why to put these issues in high school?
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