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Kongfu suffers from brigade to have fine day in hill of the book outside taking
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Additional, everybody should pay close attention to hotter this year incident, go carrying a few words that concern with this on the back painstakingly next, when I remember becoming, be opposite Iraq, tsunami, bagdad, the word that Hijack waits a kind a moment is more sensitive. Because I feel to be in of the university entrance exam read a few articles that possible meeting appears to be concerned with this in understanding, the heat vocabulary of these news meets know have very great help to understanding.

Wen Zengqin can fill clumsy

Above all, I think or be necessary to distinguish first those who recite the history and politics is different. In light of the experience that depends on me, politics should master older idea, and the history wants All matters, ripe sodden at the heart.

Say politics first, political take an examination ofing rises should be the simplest, endorse if reaching the designated position, some essay question can take full marks. When learning new tax, I always am carry textbook on the back meticulously first, come down catalog back next, recollected each chapter to interpret content of a few what to catalog again, if be not being written down, break up again from the back look. Arrive all the time so can close textbook to come down a secretary, of course a few important places that often check are about particularly meticulous, a paragraph of ground comes.

Everybody may feel to a few titles ask very strangely, although carried a book on the back to also do not know how to answer, actually the answer is on the book, the kind that just asks is a little different. Encounter this kind of problem to should think back to as far as possible textbook, find the part that concerns with this problem next (this is about to build the) on the foundation that is familiar with textbook very. If wait for the answer to announce,come down, discovery is existing with book really difference, that writes down it on jotter, come down answer back, come up against similar problem to be in later answer after textbook content again additional note is moved, original note is perfected after waiting for the answer to come out again again. Perhaps can discover the answer appears a few times later too much, at that time, it is the most important to should regard as the part the part write in foremost face.

Historical recital emphasizes more meticulous, it is stricter to the requirement of specific event, so recital rises may compare tired. Learn one class to carry one tax dispute on the back to often be necessary, when every carry entire unit on the back again when unit exam, period medium, final should be carried on the back again, tall 3 when always be being reviewed, need not say more!

The history wants dribs and drabs to accumulate, do a choice to inscribe or be essay question when, if discover oneself did not remember suddenly, turn over a book to carry the place that does not retain on the back again rapidly. The history that has him discovery when a few classmates take an exam forgot a lot of, meet very nervous, look for a very long time to be carried on the back madly from A to Z next. Actually I oppose law of this kind of back quite, it is the most important to still did not remember probably to finally. Must come to too long stuff write down apart, and go carrying on the back in the light of the title, more conduce to hold a key.
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