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A collection of selected specimens of beautiful line of full marks composition i
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—— is picked from examinee of city of chaste tree state " bring beautiful season the dream "

Let us act, bring children of those unable to go to school love, bring …… of those old person of orphans and widows beside each person. Give love when you when other, you also obtained greatest happiness. Want to believe, want everybody to give a love only, the world will become good world.

—— is picked from examinee of city of chaste tree state " bring another person love "

Often remember this thing, the acid in the heart is acerbity, it is this kind of grievance did not accumulate into hate only, brought up my firm disposition however, I also understand the teacher's mood. If do not have that time, can I experience the flavor of grievance? Ha! Years does not have mark, fragrance only continuously.

—— picks the self-prossessed examinee that celebrate city " fragrance continuously "

Accomplish have a well-thought-out plan, achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject only, ability can let him do a job with skill and ease, wonderful confused show.

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