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Walk out of review 6 big errors
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" exam outline " in pointed out clearly reduce memory model title, increase capacity model, application and integrated model title. The times that relies on speed of mechanical memorizing, sacrifice to exchange high component is nonexistent. Want to notice to value the education of thinking ability in reviewing a process. ?

Error 5: Inscribe naval battle art, pursuit amount. The candidate for an entrance examination that has this kind of wrong idea is absent a few, they think to become a problem more, the problem that has seen kind more, more advantageous to solving a problem. Actually, not be to do a problem to had been jumped over more more, buy a few reference book to be able to produce the result more. The problem is to should be done, but should specific aim ground becomes a problem, make clear train of thought, grasp the pattern, familiar method is the most important. If accomplish one problem to be solved more, draw inferences about other cases from one instance, purposeful, in a planned way, specific aim ground goes becoming a problem, study result can rise faster. ?

Error 6: Careful inscribes carelessness, solution inscribes methodological become rigid. The practice that solve a problem makes clear, the condition is adumbrative and knowable inspire the method that solve a problem, conclusion is premonitory need to know the revulsive way that solve a problem. The title is read seriously before solution is inscribed, understand problem desire correctly, through pondering over careful deliberate, capture the essence of the problem, obtain from thematic itself as far as possible much information. Had first instance to slow just can 2 is do fast, careful problem is not meticulous, not comprehensive, inevitable meeting causes quick solution discomfort, occurrence fault is solved or misunderstand even. Should accomplish careful so the problem is slow and fine, become a problem fast and accurate. ?

In the process that solve a problem, often meet calm situation changes thinking, solve a problem with onefold thinking method only, cannot consider an issue from much angle, mutiple level, many sided, special problem generalization, or simple question multifarious change. If notice to master a variety of methods that solve a problem in study, master a variety of train of thought that solve a problem, often undertake the agile and changeful training that inscribes much solution, train of thought widened, the way nature that solves a problem is met more, more reasonable.

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