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Water blames fokelore how to much know
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A kind of view thinks, existing in Caspian sea floor ” of strange animal of a “ is familial. In the past, their body is in sea floor, seldom be discovered, now, caspian pollution is serious, they were forced give home. So, does “ return ” of Caspian “ strange animal ancestor ” ? A few researcher think, existing the following kinds of possibility:

The first kind likelihood: Phenolic?ldquo; of Ling of Qiang K  blames animal ” to appear and disappear, but it is a certain deformation animal that be polluted because of the environment or becomes only.

The 2nd kind likelihood: Kang Kun Li is blown fall the look that be troubled by emperor bilges ǖ flinchs emperor of  of Zheng of  of  of Lu of fear Ao Zha and Sha of far Californium 

The 3rd kind likelihood: ?ldquo; of brandish of hare of 8  hold tight blames Qiang animal ” . ” of “ strange animal is certain person stems from individual purpose to make up only come out.

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