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The geographical knowledge on ensign
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Design of word of ” of Australian “ rice expresses to belong to country of member of the British Commonwealth. The biggest 7 horn star in ensign asks for compositive Australia 6 cities and upper municipality.

Philippine ensign is the sun and ray design. 8 long rays represent the province that be liberated at first and becomes independent, 3 5 stars represented 3 Philippine districts, namely horse of Lv Song, Sa and Medan are old 3 earths area.

Wanuatu is republic and state-owned 73 islands, archipelago submits word of “ bifurcation ” model arrange. The word of “ bifurcation ” in ensign expresses the territory outline characteristic that understands this country.

5, see national position from ensign

In the night sky of the Southern Hemisphere can very see clearly south crossed constellation, because this the Southern Hemisphere is very much,the country has on domestic ensign south crossed constellation, wait for a country like Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, made of baked clay Samoa and Brazil.

There is conch of maize Bei Qia in Cape Verde ensign, representing this state is one is close to deep-sea insularity.

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