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"Somnambulate " because,be after all what
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◆ relevant knowledge: About a few kinds of misunderstanding of somnambulate

The ordinary person thinks, somnambulate person bump in disorder everywhere like a blind person probably, actually somnambulate person the eye is ajar or opening completely, they walk pose and same at ordinary times.

The ordinary person still thinks somnambulate person courage is strange big, dare make motion of bloodcurdling of a few alarmingly dangerous, actually somnambulate person do vagarious thing rarely, the aggression conduct that harms a gender seldom also is made when somnambulate. Of course, somnambulate person because attention can fall now and then dispersedly,touch sometimes.

The ordinary person still has a kind of bias, think to cannot cry casually wake somnambulate person, because of somnambulate person sleep lightly suddenly can frighten mad. In fact, somnambulate person be waked up very hard, although was waked up, he also won't go mad, just feel scratch one's head over just.

Return somebody to think somnambulate is to daydreaming in fact, home of satisfying a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties observes: Somnambulate often happens in daydream be not quick look rarely to move period.

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