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"Somnambulate " because,be after all what
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Professor Zhang says, small brave can be in somnambulate when it is not strange that ground of in an orderly way does a business, understand according to her, the person of occurrence somnambulate phenomenon, can walk in the room not only, they still often can do a few very systimatic businesses. A little housewife meeting goes in the kitchen put in jug sail upstream gas on burn, return meeting fried dish to cook even. Still a few people can go to the outside from the home, down street a go to bed is returned to continue to sleep again after going big round one.

Professor Zhang says, these businesses that they do are their most familiar thing certainly, it is what the habit does by day commonly, somnambulate when what to do.

Why can be the obstacle avoided well and truly when is the person of somnambulate walking? Professor Zhang says, this phenomenon is absorbing, but it is clear to also cannot explain completely now. It is likely what do because of them is a few conduct that had made a habit and movement, because they are in the condition of shallow Morpheus at that time,also may be, still have a few consciousness.

But in somnambulate when also often produce surprise affection, we are used to summer the window sleeps, when having some of person somnambulate, go directly screen window was opened to be crossed from the window by the window go out, produced an accident thereby. When still having somnambulate of a few people gas open caused finally gas and toxic.

◆ somnambulate is harmless to the body, children somnambulate disappears gradually as age growth.

Circulating all the time to folk, the person that wakes somnambulate can frighten him mad view, zhang Jiao gives an explanation, the person that sees somnambulate had better not call him, because wake him up suddenly, make easily angst and scared sentiment generate in his heart, this meeting causes certain effect with the body in the heart to him. What people should do is to look at him, let he himself returns a bed to go up slowly sleep, it is OK to do not produce an accident, because in the evening the person of somnambulate, won't remember by day yesterday evening what had oneself done.

Actually, the phenomenon of somnambulate seldom appears in adult, great majority happens on children body. And affect without what to the person's body. Because the somnambulate of children is much with system of children central nervous, the function of cerebrum adjustment case and Morpheus is immature about. If if a few months just can appear, the phenomenon of somnambulate is normal phenomenon, need not worry, if appear frequency is more frequent, go to a hospital to also can adopt simple method to be able to be cured. The occurrence likelihood of somnambulate and by day too overworked, or het-up depression concerns spirit. Occurence rate occupies the 1%-6% of general population about, happen within the 2-3 hour with first Morpheus more, duration is average 5-30 minute. Some closer year also a few scholars say, somnambulate and heredity and gene are relevant, but the phenomenon of somnambulate is met the growth drop off as the age.
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