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Sent student volunteers tutor love
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This Saturday (December 11), gold was quoted at the weekend volunteer team members work together South Lake Street, Wuchang District, volunteer teams, a total of over a hundred volunteers will be moved into the street in front of commercial parity Square Garden for the past seventy residents of South Lake all kinds of intimate services. According to reports, A Good activities, South Lake Street communities overtake each other, the emergence of a number of advanced members, in which members volunteer service activities for the residents is carried out in full swing, taking advantage of this newspaper over the weekend into the South Lake volunteers services, the streets have sent a party of seven community service teams, providing legal advice to residents, electrical maintenance, bike maintenance, housekeeping and other services. South Lake Street leadership attaches great importance to this event, all the preparatory work is in order. Last year, this newspaper has participated in the activities of Hengji Li World Watch Center, this Saturday will send a senior maintenance division to provide the residents watch repair, maintenance and consulting services. Yesterday, senior maintenance technicians Friends Qi Wang was also looking for service please the object of this newspaper, the original, the king master volunteers had participated in activities, watch for some residents need to replace the parts, the scene can not be resolved, then has its back shop maintenance, and left his phone, but there are still more than 10 watches unclaimed on the shop, and he has reminded the group watches the owner of the company's optical shop to receive the watch. While retaining the beauty salon, investment banking, appliance repair, medical services, projects, new volunteers this weekend love tutoring and other services, long-term tutors do love, sympathy welfare of the elderly Hubei Institute of Biology and the Federation of Student volunteers will come to South Lake Street, the scene collecting the children of needy families to achieve long-term intention will be to provide free tutoring.
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