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Fujian Provincial Department of Education political popularity of wind building
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"Fujian quality management" November 30 News (reporter Gu English) reporter learned from the Fujian Provincial Department of Education, November 26, Fujian Provincial Department of Education building political popularity of wind and his inspection team of four, to the Dehua inspect and guide the political popularity of wind building. Check the group held a forum to solicit opinions, complaints and reports open call, on-site inspection, etc., from the education administration departments according to law, government affairs, work style, solve the problem of the masses of the hot and difficult, admission fees, public school, teacher German teaching style and the efforts to develop education and educational fees the county charges norms regulate activities in areas such as school inspection, and deep into Germany of the eight, six, the Xun Central Primary School and other schools in the political popularity of building inspection. Inspection group fully affirmed the Dehua Education in school management, school open, system construction, to create atmosphere, solving problems with regard to the results achieved, particularly in terms of capital investment, Dehua less than 300 Department of Education to school students name of public funds allocated by 300, reducing the number of students in the school case, the effective input to ensure that school funding does not decrease, this initiative is relatively new in the province, is worth promoting. It is learned that, to facilitate the masses of complaints, inspections, the inspection team of the complaints and reports published by the phone, Dehua Department of Education received zero complaints and reports.
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