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PTA stands the traditional good letter can be used for supplementary book
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Letters, is an important form of traditional tutoring. In Chinese history, the letter is between parents and children, very representative of the bond. Letters to the tradition of excellence, be sufficient to teach the child as a family of "counseling book." Fu Lei couple, known as the "model of Chinese parents," painstaking life, worked hard to raise kids. For example where a family in the book to persuade his son, "you first meet End, after listening to her play, you simply incomprehensible. This way of speaking, of course there are problems. If we can carefully analyze her problems, instead of first with big hat head with a pressure, not better people by listening to more? against people's good intentions, with the counter-criticism of the way, naturally not. from these small things, by extension, between you and I do not intend to do will not hurt the little people. The more famous, people will not have the proud feeling of pride, which is only human, so we should be courteous themselves more! "This kind of interpersonal relationships in children's details, the meticulous attitude, whether it is worth today's parents and sons and daughters learn? Dynasties, the education of the children of elite government officials are a major problem. Secretary Ma Guangguan to a product, but warned the book at home, the boy replied: "My home this winter, the World to clean each other. I do not like Chinese extravagant nature, since for the suckling, the elderly, such as beauty services to Jin YH, Noir embarrassed abandoned to go to. "Imperial College instructors lun, that his son had an altercation with the cousin said," Rufu worthy official, Wu Fu official money ", it blamed fiercely at home and in the book to his son head. Most into the system when the number of Zeng's books to teach the child, who will enter a phase, hot, but the letter stated repeatedly the harm of money and power, "where the family children, food and clothing are all living the same with the poor scholar, can Shu Cheng Kung University ; if the contaminated gas rich learning, success is unlikely ", similar words are everywhere. Such tireless in teaching, Mingzhi of reasonable letter, should become a modern family education in the "supplementary book." As the reading materials for young people, the whole family read it, certainly benefit.
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