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16 Caring Classroom weekend duty twinning guidance and migrant children
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This weekend, workers from Hunan to follow their parents to study in Nanning, Current Affairs no longer have to worry about stone No one counseling homework, because of "love tutoring," the obligation to counseling. October 30 morning, "twinning assistance Giving Love Door learning center to send home "love tutoring activities in Nanning China Road Community start. 16 volunteer tutor with the flow of Chinese children in the community Road, twinning, use the weekend for the children to" recharge. " On the morning of 9 am, many children and parents came to China Road community youth activity room, and from Guangxi Teachers College tutor who love playing the interactive game. West Road Primary School in China studying third-year 3-year stone Current Affairs Changsha, Hunan, the former with their parents came from Nanning. Parents have the weekend to go out to work, unable to care for her. With love tutoring, stone signs of the times this weekend especially fulfilling. It is understood, the China Road resident population of more than 3,000 communities, including more than 300 people as migrant workers. Migrant workers are busy every day living, can not spare time to educate their children, holidays, these children have nowhere to go . For children of migrant workers there are lack of parental supervision, lack of counseling, academic problems, Xixiang Street Mission Work Tong District, Hengyang recruited 16 volunteers tutor and the flow of Chinese children in the community Road, twinning, the use of Weekends for the children to "recharge." Wu Xiaoying love tutor, said: "I hope through our efforts to help them in learning and life, in addition to improving on their performance, more importantly, from a young age to develop good Ideological quality. " "Love tutor" event will last two school years, during which free tutoring for young students language, mathematics, English and other courses and focus on training the child's moral behavior, but also the organization of "parent-child activities" to increase child Child and parent communication. In order to really enjoy the service of families, street also invited community workers familiar with the situation home thoroughly. In addition, Work Group Hengyang street recipients also established student records, production Feedback form tutor of love, and strive to establish long-term exploration and youth volunteers new ways of collaboration.
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