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Line tutor your best ratio of cold boiled leather a pound of pigskin samgun wat
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"Sold out of the skin cold to eat well, can turn their boil, but not how they are successfully implemented." Yesterday, a reader calling New Business Assistant part of life, inquire about the production method of frozen pig skin. Southwest Road, the community of its district secretary Li Li Residents of Sun Liyan recommended to reporters, "She did good frozen pigskin in the nearby night market has been sold for 10 years, most customers are repeat customers." Sun Liyan of the skin can be frozen for 365 days does not buy, because she only later in November to sell out this time before May. In this regard, Sun Liyan explained, the heat is not on the freezing cold after the pigskin, unless a plastic. Even now In the temperature during the day but also on the freezer frozen pig skin, or on the of the. Method of making frozen pigskin is not difficult, can be definitely a fine job working slowly. "The first step is to pigskin to the oil to the hair, touch, feel a little hair root is not, after washing with cold water again and again; such as pig skin astringent, the generation of Table does not have oil, then you can hack to change the knife. Cold water pot, the fire boil over low heat for an hour Ao. Oil-free clean water into the container, flavored elements, salt, soy sauce, cool the skin after the cold through the well. Pigskin and Water ratio of about 3 pounds of water 1 kg of paper, if the ratio did not master, pig skin is not frozen hard, and can be more appropriate, boil for a while. "Sun Liyan introduced. Remind Boil without stirring pigskin also need to see frozen pot, but the time never to take hold. In addition, the requirements are very strict fire, the flames made a big mixed frozen skin, will sell poor; flame is small, shiny skin cold, good color.
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