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In a low voice drizzle
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Again criterion, “ moves the dialog of ” in a low voice, can shorten the ” of “ psychology difference between teachers and students, promotional those this affinity between.
There are a kind of such appearances in teacher-student relationship: The student adores his teacher, so that regard the teacher's word as regard the teacher's word as,” of “ imperial edict is carried out, and the teacher likes to be close to a student not quite, be fond of the style that maintains ” of “ teacher's dignity. Cause the difference that there is mentally between teachers and students. Processing of this kind of circumstance is bad, the communication of psychology of teachers and students of meeting block up and emotive communicate.
Chatting is the commutative idea, promotional understanding is the most commonly used means between teachers and students. In a low voice tone, intimate chat like telling ” of “ private words, arouse the interest that the student talks with the teacher easily, experience the affection like the mother, feel the teacher is amiable, esteem student, what what speak is very important. They are glad to their enjoy such conversational opportunity, the understanding that longs for a teacher and valued psychology got satisfaction. Also had this time only, teacher ability becomes the student's family member and intimate truly.
This shows, educational student is used move in a low voice, want characteristic of sue for peace accord with the student's psychology quite, it conduces to the barrier that removes the existence between teachers and students, the communication of stimulative thought and emotive are communicated, make the student respects a teacher thereby, trustful teacher, voluntarily ground accepts the teacher's criticism and help.

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