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Boycott is alluring
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The motive that becoming addiction action because of this kind is complex, to this need society, family and him student accept get the desired result of a series of ability of integrated precautionary measures.
Psychological advice: Increase the capacity that distinguish right from wrong, determined boycott society is undesirable and alluring!
Playroom of the “ bookstore ” of a few the good and bad are intermingled, electron, Internet bar, often aim at middle and primary school to be born as profitable object, reason is born in this hope middle and primary school do not be deceived, the money earned by hard toil that gives father and mother and the youth that expend oneself go filling full the pocket of certain and illegal trade, this is not advisability really lift! Want to notice to enhance oneself psychological immunity power, recognize becomes the harm of addiction behavior, face a variety of temptation, should dare to say “ not ” !
The high school student should be brave in to face reality, leave decisively bad behavior and habit!
For the fellow student that becomes addiction to electronic game, network, want to solve all sorts of real problems actively, know ego correctly, face reality, do not take evasive attitude, do not swim with report wait for a method to come him anaesthesia, want to develop other interest interests however, will replace addiction behavior with the after school activity of rich and colorful.
Often control capacity oneself because of the person that become addiction special difference, want what accept parents and teacher actively to supervise so, correct undesirable action stage by stage; Although want ” of “ preserve one's moral integrity,not be an easy thing, but the future consider for oneself, we should break away from playmate and amuse oneself place decisively.
Special remind
Abandon bad behavior wanting to begin from now, begin immediately today, do not procrastinate tomorrow. Of course, if report swims, the network becomes addiction and be hard to extricate oneself person, the proposal had better be to see psychological doctor or mental family doctor in time, take systematic medicaments and behavior therapy.

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