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Snack type news teachs the secret worry of backside
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However, the college stems from economic benefits consideration, be in however disregard objective and actual with thinking reason, frenzied pursuit at the moment interest. Wuhan university news transmits Zhang Kun of academic assistant dean to point out straight from the shoulder, current news education is existing bubble changes the trend, because “ looks in leader of a lot of colleges, news education is a kind of cheap education, investment is little, get effective fast, and can draw on a lot of students, the student became much collect fees tall ” . A few schools see news major is very popular, ignore oneself force, recruit students of brash mount a horse, but experience and the full-time teacher that abound theoretically are not much after all, this called a discount inevitably on quality. In light of the news fact that discloses from media, the school teacher and student that does newly is average, but courage is of great importance, below the circumstance that is not worth badly in the managerial condition such as persons qualified to teach, teaching material, equipment, some schools have 3 two teachers to hang out his shingle only recruit students, a few main professional subjects also fail to open. Do not have managerial requirement however blind recruit students, it is graduate quality drops necessarily if really ever since.
Now, what the undergraduate of the news major that we graduate every year has 30 thousand is gigantic, and market demand still is less than a half, and still presenting degressive potential. Tomorrow, these accurate reporters are mixed to where obtain employment the job, still be a problem really.

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