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Undertake to minor " conduct financial transactions teachs " : early may not is
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In fact, in resembling, state-owned and individual elementary school offers course of ” of the five classics of “ the four Books (The Great Learning,The Doctrine of the Mean,The Analects of Confucius and Mencius) , or the middle school parts by sexual distinction open “ female in ” , “ male in ” , just be a few school the test that have and exploration are same, the “ conduct financial transactions of school of alleged foreign country teachs ” , absolutely some people say unlike in that way “ has popularized ” , more the content regulation that neither one country regards educational law as ” of education of “ conduct financial transactions comes down.

The Beijing that not long ago releases afresh " middle and primary school gives birth to regulations " regulation, want to undertake to the student “ consumes educational ” , teach the child to learn to plan to spend money, managing spend money, rational consumption, this formulation is actualer. New castigatory of each province of whole nation of make a comprehensive view, city, municipality " middle and primary school gives birth to regulations " reach behavior standard, regulation of neither one file should give birth to the content that undertakes “ conduct financial transactions teachs ” to middle and primary school.

Middle and primary school is born or hit ” of good “ impression first

In current society, ” of education of “ conduct financial transactions is to should undertake, but main target ought to be adult. Among children, meeting somebody is a career technically with ” of “ conduct financial transactions in the future, but still be a small number of people after all. And conduct financial transactions is a kind of integrated ability, want ” of money of good “ of “ manage ” really, need rich social experience, also learn a variety of knowledge even, cogent the accomplishment of the respect such as the knowledge that improves whole, culture, morality, psychology. Say honest, education of conduct financial transactions undertakes to university phase not late also, need not too anxious, do not shift to an earlier date the content that grooms to adult to minor phase. Now, be opposite socially the temptation of children is already much enougher, the lesson burden of students is quite heavy also, do not squeeze into what “ conduct financial transactions to teach the content of ” in the education of minor again, the “ of lest interference children advocate ” of course of study. Accordingly I advocate, “ conduct financial transactions teachs ” to want amble.

Now, people mentions child luxury to waste the defect of random beautiful money, accusing teach ” at lacking “ conduct financial transactions. In fact, because lack difficult and simple, economical moral character accomplishment and tutor oneself capacity,this kind of defect basically is, it is behavior problem, not be technical issue. The purpose teachs ” to solve through “ conduct financial transactions, resembling is “ is felt pulse forbid ” , treat a disease with the fault medicine, medicine is incorrect disease.
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