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Undertake to minor " conduct financial transactions teachs " : early may not is
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Someone says, undertake to the child “ conduct financial transactions teachs ” a bit earlier, the child won't be in an unfavorable situation. Really, want to say to be in today's society, our live the environment is more complex, person “ astute ” a bit, “ mature ” a bit, be necessary. But undertake to the child “ conduct financial transactions teachs ” prematurely, make child “ very easily early ” , become too “ astute ” even ” of “ the ways of the world, lose thereby fervent, magnanimous, good-tempered, guileless, honest and kind, be happy to aid struggle person, difficultly wait for the traditional virtue with the mainest the Chinese nation. If discipline of small off year learns to be in,respect of money, interest haggles over every ounce, haggle over every penny, nurturance bad habit of a few undesirable urban petty bourgeois, can let a person be fed up with, also blend in social group hard. Some parents teach the child early ” of institutional “ calculate, do not worry in the future by ” of child “ calculate?

  ” of “ new issue is not is ” of “ newly emerging things

Current society is increasingly open, alleged “ opens ” , include namely degree increase. In such social environment, ” of “ strange thing emerges in endlessly. Nevertheless, ” of “ strange thing is not equal to ” of “ newly emerging things.

For instance, according to media coverage, some schools or ground section knit ” of flea market of pupil open “ , allow student him transaction the book of not need, toy, the ” of appearance “ argy-bargy that learning adult, “ is contended for jin break two ” . The parent and teacher return take delight in talking about, saying is idea of the commodity consciousness that reared the child, money. Actually, this kind of practice is not ” of “ newly emerging things, is a “ only strange thing ” . Teach minor to do business, not be the task of compulsory education phase; Study shops reasonable consumption, it is OK to be guided by the parent in daily life society. Actually, histology gives birth to the book of a not need, toy, free alms gives those domesticity difficulty with age person, we ought to be advocated energetically and popularize however. Benefit gained from sb's wisdom through what alms obtains ” of “ morality and justice to go up, the economic interest that acquires than carrying transaction should be gotten greatly much, precious also much. I think, do not teach children ” of institutional “ account first, it is our educational service and school leadership and parents, should calculate first calculate this Zhang.

” of “ conduct financial transactions is not compulsory education obligatory course

Some closer year come, a few people are when problem of Yo of the state religion in speaking of, often be used to taking a foreign country is how do say a thing. It seems that how is the foreigner done, how ought to be China done; The Chinese is done rightly incorrect, be measured with the foreign country for the standard. We admit, some countries are to go in thereinbefore on educational reform, but not be the job that wants foreign somebody to do only, we do not add analytic ground without exception with respect to this copy word for word is copied, blindly follow sb. E.g. , a few people introduce the alleged “ economy that the foreign country has to the student to teach ” , with the “ conduct financial transactions to adult actually educational ” has very big different. The name says “ conduct financial transactions teachs ” , return the content that is ” of “ consumption education basically actually, money of such as recognition, plan spends money, managing spend money, rational consumption, foster difficult and simple character to wait. Our foundation already also had these content in the education of educational phase.
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