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Undertake to minor " conduct financial transactions teachs " : early may not is
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  Undertake “ conduct financial transactions teachs ” to have negative effect prematurely

Teach ” to minor has “ economy prematurely, engraft ” of “ fortune idea, may produce a lot of negative effect. For instance, because money has tremendous allure to the person, guide the child prematurely to pay close attention to money, oversight of child of probable meeting prevail on their “ advocate the accomplishment of the study of knowledge of science of culture of foundation of ”—— of course of study and basic morality character, restricted them greatly thereby the following development, the loss outweights the gain. Market economy society is impossible also that everyone is in business; Be in business namely in the future, also need to have high culture, science and moral training above all. Our society does not lack the small business butcher of the booth that place the ground, those who be short of is to have knowledge, have an idea, have foresight, capable, can be in international competition the entrepreneur of the remain invincible.

The philosophy of minor, world outlook and viewpoint of value, had not established well rise. Engraft prematurely to them in this phase ” of “ fortune idea, they get very easy prevail on into ” of “ money eye, be infected with on ” of “ copper bad smell, regard unique value as orientaton “ interest ” , everything measures with money: “ big profit works energetically, xiaoli is small work, do not do ” without benefit. Before doing some thing, not be above all measure this to do from ” of “ morality and justice, see its “ value not worth first however ” , be to one's profit. Consider an issue so, it is a “ in commercial activity extensive of “ of principle of ” of exchange of equal value changes ” , in the daily life field that used people to interact normally erroneously. If things go on like this, meet a person and person the relation between turns the money with naked “ into completely relation ” , consequence is very serious.

In real life, had appeared the phenomenon that a few your people worry about. For instance some parents do the household work of a few in one's power to let the child, sign ” of “ housework contract with the child. The child works, ground of one is assured and bold with justice says to the parent: “ takes money! Some ” children spend money to employ a classmate to write line of business, give what money employs to think with paid paid classmate this is ” of “ exchange of equal value, fairness trades, each takes what he needs, everyone is happy. Such, originally very pure family concern, classmate concerns, turned the commercial “ employ between both sides of labour and capital into relation ” , very harmful to the nurturance of good moral character. The person is employed to write line of business when middle and primary school, the university employs a person to write a paper with respect to the likelihood on, destroyed oneself career probably finally accordingly.
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